Prayers for World Healing

The Prayers for World Healing is an online Zoom multi faith ritual. During this ritual, we gather as a community online – wherever we are in the UK, or indeed in the world – humbly to offer prayers together for healing suffering in the world.

It was set up in 2016 by members of Inayatiyya Healing UK, who believe that the world is in great need of healing. We offer rituals every two months. All are most welcome, of any faith or none.

The next next Prayers for World Healing take place on Thursday 20 July 2023, 7pm to approx. 7.45pm. For more information please email


Each ritual begins with watching the breath, attuning to the Divine, and concentrating upon becoming a channel for healing. Prayers from a wide variety of faiths are chosen; many of these prayers change each time, in order to keep the ritual as fluid, flexible and all-inclusive as possible.

We then humbly offer healing to ten named areas or ‘focuses’ in need of healing. These are chosen beforehand, partly by special request and partly by the ritual guides. The focuses are often grouped together into overall themes, such as the environment, racial equality, Covid 19, and areas of the world experiencing conflict. 

In this ritual we do not offer healing for individuals; only to groups of individuals. If you or someone you know would like to receive healing, your/their name (please seek their permission) may go on our national healing list.  Please send us details click here.

Offering healing prayers can form a wonderful part of individual practice; engaging in this together, as a peace/healing online community is still more valuable. The sum always seems to be far greater than the parts.

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