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Our Community Forums are an opportunity for anyone to share their experience of how their Sufi journey has impacted their life, with a particular emphasis on healing modalities. If you are a healing practitioner (in the widest possible sense of "healing") and would like to offer a session, please contact us.

The next Community Forum is taking place on: Tuesday 7th December, 6pm–7.30pm. 

Sonic Alchemy – Expressing the Musical Quality of the Elements 

Mājid Aditya will offer a guided experience in attuning to and intoning the musical quality of the elements. He will comment on the relationship between the five elements and other astral bodies with the musical "major scale" or Raag Bilawal, as it is known in Indian classical music. We will then sing the notes in the traditional Kirana style of call and response. Non-musicians need not worry as all participants will be muted during this exercise.

There will also be an opportunity to heartfully connect and share your experiences together in small groups.

Everyone is very warmly welcome and you do not need to be a member of Inayatiyya Healing to attend. 

We would greatly appreciate an optional donation of £5 for those who can afford it. This will go towards supporting the work of IHUK.

For further information email us on:

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